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5 tips & tricks to grow your beard.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks to effectively grow your beard? Here are some simple suggestions for you.

1. LET IT GROW: With beards, you've got to trust the process, man. You'll be surprised how a beard with bald or smooth spots gets better as the hair grows longer.

Yes, it will grow. Trust us on that. At this point, we advise you to use a good beard oil to stop itching and keep the hair and skin moist.

2. WASH IT WITH BEARD SOAP WITH CONDITIONER: If you use good products for your beard, you'll notice the difference right away. A beard soap or shampoo will get rid of any dirt that is stuck in the hair follicles. This will help facial hair grow faster and thicker.

When you put soap on your face, you should always massage it gently and deeply, and you should always use warm water on the cold side so that the freshness will help the blood flow to your face.

3. GROOM YOUR BEARD OFTEN: You should comb or brush your beard in the direction it naturally grows. This will get the blood flowing to your face and make your beard look much healthier. If your beard is long enough, comb it, so it fills in (at least a little) the places where there aren't as many blood vessels.

Also, a deep brushing with a good comb will remove dead skin cells under your beard and let more oxygen in.

4. KEEP YOUR BEARDS HYDRATED: Ditch the coffee and drink water regularly (without going overboard). Even mild dehydration shows up first as a simple need to drink. Before that, the blood flow in the body slows (if you look closely, the cheeks are among the first to notice it turning pale).

5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Sleep is essential because your body can make more hormones when you get enough of it. One of these hormones, testosterone, is excellent for your beard. If you'd like your beard to grow more quickly... Get enough sleep!

Even though they aren't everything, these simple tips will help you grow a beautiful head of hair. If you need great products to guide you on your beard journey. 1833 is your answer to better skin! Good luck!


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