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To wash or not wash the face?

To wash or not wash the face?

Is it that important to wash your face? Can I use anything to clean it?

The skin is the largest living organ of the body. It allows us to absorb the ingredients and products we put into it. The skin also absorbs good and bad particles from the air and atmosphere.

As humans, we excrete dirt, toxins, and waste products from our bodies through the skin pores in the form of sweat, and we secrete natural oils to keep our skin naturally moisturised. Unfortunately, this means that every part of the day, our skin's surface and skin pores can end up with a layer of this dirt or product particles.

The skin on the face is exposed the most, as we have dirt in the atmosphere, but we can also transfer dirt and bacteria from our hands onto our face. If this dirt and bacteria are not removed, this can lead to blocked pores in the skin. In turn, clogged pores can lead to skin that cannot breathe as it should, and we end up with blockages in the skin that lead to spots, ingrown hairs, and irritations such as rashes and skin irritations.

The question is, 'Can I use anything to clean the skin?... The answer to that question simply is yes, but the reality is that not everything that cleans may be suitable for facial skin.

All wash products and shampoos contain surfactants to remove dirt and grime. The problem is that most products suitable for the hair or body contain more powerful surfactants and have added fragrance or artificial perfume.

Perfume and fragrance allow products to smell amazing. I mean, who doesn't want to smell of lime after a shower? However, the perfume and fragrance themselves can irritate the skin. Therefore, you should never spray deodorants or fragrances directly onto the face.

It is important that when you are using a facial wash or cleanser, the base products and aromas help clean the skin and that they are natural to help heal or balance any irregularities. Any fragrance should come from a fruit or plant active or essential oil.

After washing the skin with a good product, your skin should never feel tight or crave a lotion to remedy any discomfort. Instead, it should feel clean, refreshed, and soft.

To help keep the skin healthy, clean the skin AM and PM. When using AM, use it before shaving. Some facial wash products are also suitable for the beard area as they are not too drying for the hair on the face.

TIP: After washing the skin, rinse off with warm water and, in the end, give a quick splash with cold water to help close the pores. Make sure to apply a facial oil or facial moisturiser to help protect and lock in natural moisture straight after.


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