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Can men use women's skincare?

In modern times, the male folk have decided to put their prejudices aside, and modern men are starting to use cosmetics and make their own skincare routines for everyday use. Who said skincare was something only girls did? F*ck gender norms. It's time to get our skincare bags.

The biggest problem is that most men who take care of their skin have a terrible habit of "stealing" anti-ageing creams, toners, and other cosmetics from their girlfriends, wives, sisters, or even mothers. Spoiler alert - Men's skin does not benefit from this, and here's why.

The skin on men's and women's faces is different. Men have thicker skin and smaller pores, so they need a product that can go deeper into the skin. It turns out that the amount of testosterone we have also changes how our skin looks.

So, men have more grease to get rid of than women, and we can't use the same products. This is not a problem because men's cosmetics come from different brands or even have their lines from other cosmetics companies.

In any case, it seems that men of colour have finally learned from the rise in skin problems and are now willing to take care of themselves without having a sexist complex. As a result, different skin care products for men are making exceptional strides. 1833 SKIN is at the forefront, making simple and powerful products for melanin-rich skin.

In this post, we talk about how men and women take care of their skin differently.


Men's and women's skin is different in many ways, like how fast hair grows, how much sebum is made, what pH it is, and so on.

Water loss through the skin that you can't see is much lower in men up to age 50 than in women of the same age. This means that men's skin has a better barrier function and is less likely to get dry.

On the other hand, men make more sebum than women, which stays the same as they age, while women's sebum production goes down as they age. This is why men are more likely to have acne and women are more likely to have dry skin. Also, the pH of women's skin is usually higher than that of men, which can worsen the barrier function and dryness.

All of these things make men's skin stronger and more resistant, so it can handle a higher concentration of active ingredients that could be irritating. However, shaving can make the area around the beard itchy.

For their part, women are more likely to get hormone-related skin problems like melasma, so skin care products for women often have more ingredients that lighten the skin than those for men.

So, how can men take proper care of their melanin-rich skin daily?


  1. Wash your face with a Purifying face wash and shave it in the morning, then put an antioxidant serum on it.

  2. Use the Deep Cleansing Face to exfoliate and replenish the skin to retain moisture.

  3. It would be best to put retinol around your eyes to slow ageing. Also, don't forget to use a skin-boosting moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

  4. It would be best if you always used sunscreen with an SPF of 50 in the summer. This is the best way for men to slow ageing and prevent sunburn.

  5. People with sensitive skin or skin problems like acne should be careful when they shave. Shaving products help keep the skin safe and smooth. Use products that are gentle and soft on sensitive skin.

It's 2022 – get on your skincare, king. Your skin will thank you later!


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