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How to grow a beard.

It is fashionable to have a beard. I mean, almost every man is growing one now. They seem to give off rich and smart vibes even when that's not the case, but hey, no one has to know, right?

They can be grown out, groomed, and styled to fit the person who rocks them. However, it’s not easy to grow a beard. To grow a beard that isn't patchy and uneven takes a lot of time and patience. In addition, many things affect your beard growth, like your genes, hormones, stress level, etc.

Let's be honest; many men of colour dream of having the perfect beard because it looks good. So you literarily become Richie with the good skin and dope beard, the coolest guy on the block. It also adds a degree of masculinity to your outlook, which is pretty empowering.

However, it’s also not easy for all men to grow a thick, attractive beard. Some people get facial hair at a young age because of their genes, which leads them to develop grooming habits. Others don't know how to grow it to get the look they want.

So, you want to grow a beard but don't know where to begin? Well, the answer is pretty easy: STOP SHAVING and START GROWING. Like right now. Starting is the essential step in growing your beard.

In this article, we'll talk about how to grow a beard naturally by focusing on four main areas: diet, exercise, grooming, and genetics.


If you want your beard to grow faster, you need to give your body the things it needs to make you more masculine. Many vitamins can help you grow more facial hair, so it might just be time to clean up your diet and think about taking more supplements.

Biotin is the best vitamin to help your beard grow. This product can be bought here in capsule form or found in foods like beef, liver, eggs, fish, cauliflower, nuts, strawberries, raspberries, and bananas.

Vitamins E and a long list of B vitamins, which can be found in most meats, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables, will also help your beards grow.

Before you go bonkers with your diet, keep an eye on yourself and keep your weight in check. Body fat is your enemy because it raises estrogen levels (female sex hormones).


The most important thing that affects how much hair grows on your face is your genes. Thank you, Dad. Testosterone levels are very important, but you should know that they can affect your body unexpectedly.

High testosterone can speed up the growth of your beard, but it can also cause hair loss and acne. In addition, as you get older, your levels of testosterone change, which can also affect your ability to grow facial hair.

So don't sweat it; if you've got it, you do. If you don't, oh well!


An active lifestyle can help your body produce more testosterone. The highest level of testosterone is reached 48 hours after lifting weights. Maybe instead of going to yoga, you should join a gym and start lifting weights.

Working out is essential, but so is a healthy diet and managing stress, so treat yourself to a steak and a massage every now and again. Keep it balanced.


If a beard starts to grow on the face, it is important to take care of it and keep it well hydrated. To do this, you should use a shampoo made just for facial hair to wash and condition every day.

Look for one that has a gentle formula like the 1833 Purifying Face Wash. This natural Face Wash hydrates, cleanses and softens the skin without irritation. Once the beard is long enough to be seen, you should brush it to keep it from getting tangled and use a special softener on it when you shower.

Also, applying the 1833 Nourishing Beard & Skin Oil can help soften it when it's just starting to grow and nourish the skin at the same time.


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