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How To Care For Black Skin

If you've been neglecting your skin, grab a seat fam, we need to talk. You may have heard black don’t crack, but that’s only if your skincare game is on track.

Let’s begin this discussion with some basic facts about the skin. Your skin colour is determined by how much melanin is in your skin. The darker your skin, the more melanin you have.

Now, that’s good news mate! Matter of fact, Men of colour should celebrate this fact because of its inherent advantages. Starting with the high amount of melanin in dark skin tones, it acts as a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from the sun and makes it less likely to show signs of ageing.

Wanna look smart, sexy, rich, confident and all the good stuff? You gotta learn how to take good care of your skin. Even though black skin is stronger, it actually requires daily care and a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care).

In this post, we share a quick guide on how to take care of your black skin and these tips are pretty easy. Let's dive in.

What To Do To Have Healthy And Glowing Black Skin

Eat A Nutritious, Well-Balanced Diet For Beautiful, Healthy Black Skin.

It is said that "you are what you eat." So yeah, it’s time to ditch junk food and switch it up with a nutritious diet that will significantly impact our skin, hair and overall health. Consume foods rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Establish A Simple Yet Effective Skincare Routine.

For some dudes, faffing with their skin is much more work than re-evaluating their life choices. But once you get your skincare routine right, you’ll be slaying the gram with badass selfies. The goal is to keep it simple and easy so that you can remain consistent. You can use this easy 3-step skincare routine.

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of the Purifying Face wash onto the palms of the hands and lather into the skin. Rinse and pat your skin dry. Use the Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub to smoothen and exfoliates your black skin.

Step 2: Rub a few drops of the luxurious Nourishing Beard & Skin Oil into your palms. Take a moment to take in the sexy scent. Then massage the beard from root to tip. If your face is dry, apply oil before moisturiser.

Step 3: To buff up your glowing black skin, massage the Skin Boosting Moisturiser into the face and neck in circular motions until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Moisturize your skin daily. Black skin tends to be dry and when it gets too dry, it can look ashy.

Pro Tip: Use sunscreen every day. Dark skin tones may be less susceptible to sunburn; however, this does not mean that Black skin cannot get sunburned; SPF30 is essential.

Carefully Choose The Products You Use On Your Skin.

Always use products with natural ingredients that are less aggressive to the skin to avoid making the skin very dry. Protecting your skin starts with being careful what you use on it. All 1833 skin range products are simple, natural and eco-friendly. We gat you!

And the coolest part? They're all easy to take with you. It's compact and easy to take everywhere in a sophisticated travel bag.

Wrapping It Up

Your melanin-rich skin is your asset, you gotta protect it. Taking care of your skin, eating well, using exfoliants, and moisturizing your skin can all help you maintain a healthy glow on your melanin-rich skin all year round.

Ready, set… Let’s glow!


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